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Environmental Laboratory

The ESS Environmental Laboratory is equipped to perform microbiological and chemical testing associated with water, wastewater, and soil samples. With a great emphasis on quality control and sample integrity, clients receive accurate results in a timely manner. Located in Culpeper, VA, the ESS laboratory is staffed and managed by a team of chemists, biologists, and environmental scientists.

Frequent chemical analyses include:
  • BOD / CBOD
  • Solids (TSS)
  • Metals / Clean Metals
  • Organic Compounds (including volatiles and pesticides)
  • Inorganics / Wet Chemistry (including Ammonia, TKN, Phosphorus, Alkalinity)
Frequent microbiological / bacteriological analyses include:

Toxicity studies also include vertebrate and invertebrate acute and chronic toxicity tests.

For a complete listing of tests, methods used, and sample definitions, download here.

In all types of testing, the integrity of samples from the time of collection until analyses are complete is critical. ESS adheres to a strict chain of custody procedure from the point of sample collection, through sample log in upon arrival in the laboratory through the sample results reporting. ESS actively participates in laboratory certification and quality assurance programs sponsored by regulatory agencies.

VELAP Sample Submission Guidelines

All wastewater samples submitted for analysis must include a completed Chain of Custody (COC) form.  The COC should include: date and time of sample collection, sample location, container information, sample type/matrix, and analyses required.  Samples with specific holding times and temperatures must be submitted within those required limits.  No samples will be analyzed outside of the specified time and temperature.

When submitting a micro sample (Fecal or E. coli) from a chlorinated system, the chlorine residual should be checked in the field, and the actual concentration documented on the Chain of Custody.

If the chlorine residual concentration is not documented with the sample upon submission, the laboratory will perform a chlorine residual check prior to microbiological analysis.  (There is a nominal fee for this analysis.)

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